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Mind and Life Institute information architecture and UX design

Posted: Monday, November 17, 2014 | Posted by Debby Levinson | Labels: , , , , ,

The Mind and Life Institute researches and supports interest in contemplative science, bringing together scientists and scholars from contemplative traditions to investigate topics such as addiction, ethics, and emotions. As part of repositioning itself based on a new set of initiatives (ethics, education, and human development; craving, desire, and addiction; and mapping the mind), MLI wanted to redesign its website to promote deep investigation into the wealth of research the organization has funded and encouraged.

We began by drafting scenarios for the three primary audiences – scientists, scholars, and "interested laymen" – relying on MLI's experience with those groups, as well as our own interviews with interested laymen, to define desired interactions. Based on those scenarios, we developed a site structure and wireframes for a responsive experience that used curated promotions to expose relationships between multiple types of site content, allowing visitors a complete picture of the latest insights in contemplative science. We consulted with the visual designer and the development team through site launch to ensure that our layouts were accurately translated to the final site.

Services provided:

  • User experience conceptualization and design
  • Information architecture
  • User interface design
  • Visual design consultation

MLI home page wireframe

MLI initiative page wireframe with related content links at right

MLI featured editorial page wireframe with related content links and fat navigation dropdown

MLI home page. Visual design by John Hall Design Group; development by pixelslam.

Mobile phone view of home page

Featured editorial page


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