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MIT Human Resources IA & visual design

Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2008 | Posted by Debby Levinson | Labels: , , , 0 comments

MIT Human Resources encompasses many groups, each with their own site and content and promotional needs. The Benefits Office, HR’s largest and most frequently used website, needed a template system they could use to provide structure for the vast amount of content they publish. The system had to be flexible enough to allow Benefits to promote time-sensitive news in multiple ways, while at the same time establish conventions for navigation and information hierarchy to improve usability.

Nimble Partners designed a visual system that establishes conventions for all sites such as a grid, typography, and navigation. Each site uses its own color palette and can display unique elements, like logos, but still appears part of the HR family and can be easily edited in Drupal's CMS. As the HR Communications Manager said to us: "Hope you’re as pleased by your labors as we are!"

Benefits home page
Benefits Office home page

Benefits lower-level page
Benefits Office lower-level page

HR home page
Human Resources home page

HR lower-level pages
Human Resources lower-level page

color palette
color palette applied to subsite templates
Human Resources site color palette (top); palette applied to subsite templates (bottom)