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Tutorial at UXPA 2013 – Visual Usability: principles & practices for designing great web and mobile application interfaces

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | Posted by Tania Schlatter | Labels: , , , 0 comments

Last week, we presented a one-day tutorial based on the topics in our book Visual Usability: Principles and Practices for Designing Digital Applications at the User Experience Professionals Association conference in Washington, DC. We had a great time taking those ideas live with a dedicated group of participants who ripped paper, analyzed requirements, brainstormed design personas, and redesigned a sample application in a full, fun day.

The tutorial was a mix of lectures and activities designed to help participants:
  • understand the effect of "meta-principles" consistency, hierarchy, and personality on use and appeal of digital applications
  • define a target for UI design work that serves their users and their organization
  • learn how characteristics of visual design "tools" layout, type, color, images, and controls can help or hinder people in their interpretation and use of apps
We're working on more dates for this tutorial. Contact us if you'd like to know where we might be when!