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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 | Posted by Tania Schlatter | Labels: , , , 0 comments is a Webby-nominated crowdfunding website devoted to projects that improve the lives of girls and women worldwide. Nimble Partners worked with Catapult's founding team from concept to launch to define the overall user experience, specify all content and interactions, and work with visual design and development.

UX work included exploring engaging ways to find projects, testing an interactive prototype, and specifying all administration features for the site.

We're thrilled that in the first year 286 projects were funded, and that the site is going strong!

Home page wireframe:

Home page, designed by Hyperakt and developed by Mindgrub based on our wireframes and information architecture.

Working out content and features for the project page:

Project page, designed by Hyperakt and coded by Mindgrub:

Teams page wireframe:

Teams page, designed by Hyperakt and coded by Mindgrub:

Sample administrative interface screens: