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Join us for a visual usability tutorial at the UXPA national conference in July!

Posted: Thursday, June 20, 2013 | Posted by Debby Levinson | Labels: , , , ,

Looking for guidance addressing functionality and aesthetics in complex applications? Join us on Tuesday, July 9, for an all-day tutorial, "Visual Usability: Visual Design Principles and Practices for Creating Great Web and Mobile Application Interfaces," at the UXPA national conference in Washington, DC.

Through lectures, guidelines, examples, and hands-on exercises, we'll show you our approach for making visual design decisions that reinforce usability best practices and provide interfaces people value. You’ll learn the characteristics of “visually usable” apps so you’ll know what to shoot for. You'll also get an introduction to the visual design “tools” for digital apps – layout, type, color, imagery, and controls and affordances – and learn how to use them to help people understand and enjoy what they see.

Visit our tutorial page to find out more, and hope to see you in July!


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